Dog Contests

Mr. or Mrs. Oktoberfest

Partner in crime

We will be picking a winner for the dog best dressed in an Oktoberfest themed costume.

Do you and your dog have the best owner and animal costume combination?  Dress your dog and yourself and let us be the judge!

Human Contests

Stein Holding Contest

Stein Pounding Contest

Who’s got the strongest arms out there?!  We’ll give you a full stein and see who can hold it the longest!

This is pretty self explanatory…you get a stein, you drink it faster than everyone else, you win.

Prizes will vary from gift certificates and gift baskets from a variety of event vendors, local restaurants and local stores.

The Judges

Geena the Latina from 93.3FM

Kalyna Astrinos from Channel 10 News

Matt Gerold from Night Access and Puppies Make Me Happy.